Recommendations after tooth extraction

  1. During 48 hours after tooth extraction, you must refrain from smoking and alcohol.
  2. Necessarily to brush your teeth, trying not to injure the alveolar socket.
  3. During 72 hours after tooth extraction don’t actively rinse your mouth.
  4. Wait until the end of the anesthesia and only then eat – this way you will avoid injury of the lips.
  5. Refuse to visit the bathhouse, sauna, gym, pool and solarium for 7 days.
  6. Do not warm up the area of the extracted tooth and don’t use the compresses.
  7. Follow a diet during 7 days from the date of the procedure: no hot and spicy food, food with bones, sharp edges, etc.
  8. Patients should refrain from physical activity during 5-7 days.
  9. All medications prescribed by your doctor should be taken on time.

The normal conditions after tooth extraction are:

  • The edema which is progressing during three days and goes away with bruise,
  • when the patient feels aching pain in the jaw, in the mouth at the place of tooth extraction,
  • dryness of the corners of the mouth, which need to be moistened with ointment,
  • exacerbation of herpes,
  • if the patient’s saliva contains a small amount of blood,
  • if your body temperature rises to 37.1-37.5 ℃,
  • inability to open the mouth wide during 72 hours after the procedure.

The patient should immediately consult a dentist if:

  • bleeding appears and does not stop within 15 minutes,
  • he has severe, long-term pain which does not disappear after taking pain medications,
  • his body temperature is 38 ℃,
  • he noticed edema, which greatly complicates the process of opening the mouth and swallowing.