About Clinic

Lynnyk Dental Clinic is a personal service , the latest equipment and high-precision technologies.

We have been working since 2010. During this time, thousands of satisfied patients have used our services.

All employees of the clinic regularly study innovations in the field of dentistry and new methods of dental care, which they immediately implement in practice. The peculiarity of the work of our dentists is an individual, and if necessary, comprehensive approach to treatment.

Before starting work – our dentists usually carry out complex functional diagnostics and draw up an optimal treatment plan with a predictable result. Further all possible options for work are discussed and the wishes of the patient are taken into account.

In our clinic, medical documentation is kept in full, where all stages of your treatment are recorded. All information about their dental health is provided to clients in clear way.

If you visit once Lynnyk Dental Clinic you will make sure that dental care can be effective, comfortable and painless.

We know exactly how to help our patients and solve any dental problem.

Our mission is a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dental services

  • Dental care

    Teeth and gums require regular preventive examinations: some diseases cannot be diagnosed at home. The clinic provides complex treatment of periodontitis, caries, pulpitis.

  • Gums treatment

    If you notice symptoms of gums diseases, you should see your dentist. Effective treatment of gums diseases and prevention of oral diseases - is provided by the innovative Lynnyk Dental Clinic.

  • Surgical dentistry

    Dentistry specialists of Lynnyk Dental Clinic specialize in painless and safe tooth extraction, and our main task is to preserve the patient's tooth range.

  • Denture treatment

    The loss of permanent teeth cannot be called a purely age-related problem. People of all ages are in need of prosthetics. We make durable dental prosthetics possible with modern technology.

  • Dental implantation

    Extraordinary prosthetics technology - implantation - gives the opportunity to restore lost teeth without harming the neighbors. For Lynnyk Dental Clinic implantation is one of the main areas of activity.

  • Dental whitening

    Dental whitening gives your teeth a shine. Safe destruction of pigments of unwanted shades is carried out without adverse effect on the enamel. Restoration of the aesthetic appeal of teeth.

Our doctors

Our team

Our advantages

  • Practitioners with a modern view on treatment
  • Painless procedures in comfortable rooms
  • Honest, clear relationship with patients
  • Expert view of profession-oriented specialists on the problem
  • Use of innovative materials, technologies
  • Focus on client health and happiness

How do we start treatment? First you just need to sign up for a consultation.

After the first examination of the oral cavity, the profession-oriented specialists of the clinic will select the optimal treatment plan of your teeth and will definitely take into account all your wishes.

If necessary, our doctors will inspect complete physical examination, make photographic diagnosis and prepare a series of dental x-ray.

You can be sure that your smile is in good hands!

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    • Яна

      star star star star star
      Сьогодні долікувала всі свої зуби. Я в захваті від цієї клініки!! Все на вищому рівні! Лікувати зуби ненавиділа і завжди був стрес після, але не цього разу. Інколи майже засинала під час лікування. Дуже вдячна лікарю Дмитро Івановичу. Рекомендую як професіонала 😌 Однозначно буду рекомендувати цю клініку своїм знайомим. Дякую!
    • Katherina Ivchenko

      star star star star star
      Дуже все по-сучасному та сучасний підхід. А головне, завжди професійно та оперативно!!! Дякуємо!! Вам процвітання і багато нових клієнтів!!!
    • Елєна Носач

      star star star star star
      Спеціаліст високого рівня!Рекомендую усім своїм знайомим.
    • Елизавета Панова

      star star star star star
      ШиКарно! Отличный дизайн, а самое главное хороший специалист. Поверьте человеку, который ужасно боялся стоматологов, пока не попала на прием к Руслану Линнику)))
    • Ларіса Дуплій

      star star star star star
      Профессионал !!!! Очень довольна его роботой!!!
    • Marina Korytnyuk Laut

      star star star star star
      Рекомендую! Отличная команда!
    • Тамара Гриценко

      star star star star star
    • Владимир Гаврилей

      star star star star star
      Профессионал своего дела с большой буквы!
    • Валентина Хлыстун

      star star star star star
      Советую, очень квалифицированный специалист, высшей категории.
    • Анна Друзиева

      star star star star star
      Спасибо Анне Николаевне за профессионализм и мою белозубую улыбку Анна Николаевна, профессионал, располагает к себе, все делает внимательно и детально, к ней хочется ходить ежедневно, никакого дискомфорта, только приятные впечатления!Потрясающий человек и врач!!!
    • Наталия Маликова

      star star star star star
      Спасибо Анне Николаевне , благодаря ей, я перестала боятся лечить зубы! Она очень внимательный и заботливый специалист.
    • Anna Ishchenko

      star star star star star
      Профессиональный доктор, и приятная атмосфера
    • Алла Бражник

      star star star star star
      Чудовий лікар, чудова команда! Дякую за професіоналізм та чуттєву допомогу у відновленні посмішки)! Успіхів!
    • Харченко Ярослав

      star star star star star
      Сучасне обладнання, професійні лікарі,вічливі адміністратори, суперові асистенти ))))На мою думку, думати куди іти лікувати зуби недоречно, коли в місті є така чудова стоматологія)))
    • Анатолий Шейди

      star star star star star
      Хороша клініка, гарне обслуговування, чудова атмосфера, доступні ціни
    • Олександр Загоровський

      star star star star star
      рекомендую, якісне лікування та обслуговування
    • Valentyna Hudilina

      star star star star star
      Очень профессиональный подход к клиенту, всё на высшем уровне. Рекомендую.
    • Наталья Шеремет

      star star star star star
      Впервые попала чисто случайно. Все очень понравилось. Теперь только сюда ))))
    • Антоніна Скринник

      star star star star star
      Очень качественное лечение!
    • Татьяна Тарасюк

      star star star star star
      Замечательный врач!
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    Description of the clinic


    Create a progressive space where experienced professionals give patients the time and attention needed to maintain inner peace, physical health and aesthetic satisfaction.

    The problem with which the patient turns to us becomes common.

    Together we find the optimal dental solution that brings the oral health  to a potential ideal.

    The services  improve the life quality  of patients, attentive staff promotes friendly relations between the patient and the doctor.


    We are one of those who introduce the innovations of painless dentistry in the world.


    Competence. Specialists maintain the international standards of dentistry, employ high-tech methods of treatments.

    Purity. Sterility of instruments and disinfection of all premises of the clinic are the basis for trusting cooperation.

    Investment in equipment. The use of modern equipment that facilitates and accelerates the treatment process.

    Environment. Creating comfortable conditions for cooperation which promote relaxation.

    Self improvement. Specialists meet with dentists-practitioners who integrate innovations into the team’s activities. Every day is an opportunity to upgrade your skills.

    Empathy. Professionals who are not devoid of everything human communicate with clients with a sense of humor, sympathy, sensitivity.

    Humanistic values. Apply the knowledge and experience gained through all the years of practice for painless and safe treatment.


    For over 10 years, our team has been carefully building trusting relationships with patients.  Сlinic stay of the patient gives the pleasant impression  thanks to the improvement of communication tools and treatment methods.

    People contact us for:

    • Practitioners with a modern view of treatment
    • Painless procedures in comfortable offices
    • Honest, transparent relationships with patients
    • Communicating with polite open staff
    • Respect for the physical and mental health of patients
    • Using innovative materials and technologies
    • Focus on the health and happiness of patients

    A number of services. The clinic is waiting for patients with all types of dental problems. The team is professional in organizing of treatment. They pay attention to the preferences and physiological characteristics of each patient.