Digital technologies, painless dental solutions and a close-knit team of professionals.

These are not just words. 

This is the objective reality of Lynnyk Dental Clinic.

Formation: How the history of the clinic began

Since the beginning of work in 2010 we have been proving to patients by our own example: treatment can be painless, comfortable and effective.

Clinic employees:

  • constantly researching and applying new treatments;
  • find simple balanced solutions to complex dental problems;
  • they adopt the experience from practitioners.

Cooperation: What is our customer relationship based on

Dental specialists of Lynnyk Dental Clinic make the patient’s stay in the dental clinic pleasant and comfortable. For this purpose:

  • developed comprehensive individual treatment plans;
  • respect the patient’s schedule;
  • take into account the budget;
  • listen to the wishes of patients.

Specialists are happy to offer personal, sincere communication. They will look for the right approach until it is found – patients of all ages are guaranteed the optimal strategy for both treatment and communication.

Safety: every stage of treatment improves patient health

Responsibility for the health of patients is a priority of our activity, thanks to which a thorough control of the sterility and cleanliness of rooms, equipment, instruments is carried out.

The patients of the clinic are accompanied by a firm belief in their own safety: no doubts or worries.

Self-improvement as a driving force of the process

Specialists of Lynnyk Dental Clinic have been improving their skills for years so that patients can get rid of pain as soon as possible. At the same time, myths and stereotypes about dental treatment, poor mood and excitement are being fought.

Treatment becomes a habitual, acceptable process with extremely positive emotions.

They leave the clinic with a smile on their face – this is what we strive for. We have been supporting this for 10 years of operation.

Feedback: what patients say about us

Patient reviews regarding the treatment process and life afterwards inspire the clinic’s specialists.

After solving their own problems, patients trust us with the health of their relatives: children, parents, friends – for which the team of Lynnyk Dental Clinic is immensely grateful.