Prices for dental services in Lynnyk Dental Clinic

Initial examination, consultation and drawing up a comprehensive treatment plan300 UAH
Dental X-ray (radiovisiograph)200 UAH
Anesthesia200 UAH
Computer anesthesia i-Ject260 UAH
Caries treatment (photopolymer filling)from 1150 UAH
Teeth restoration2900 UAH
Treatment and filling of tooth canal using a microscopefrom 2000 UAH
Teeth whitening with the use of personal mouthguards (whitening system Opalescence)3700 UAH
Clinical teeth whitening with the device Beyond Polus Expert (one jaw)2850 UAH
Clinical teeth whitening with the device Beyond Polus Expert (both jaws)5600 UAH
Sedation3000 UAH (for one hour)
Professional hygienic cleaning of teeth EMS (depending on the amount of plaque)from 1650 UAH
Plasmotherapy (I-PRF) with periodontitis1000 UAH
Vector-therapyfrom 3300 UAH
Crown temporaryfrom 1000 UAH
Ceramic veneerfrom 6500 UAH
Metal-ceramic crownfrom 3000 UAH
Ceramic crownfrom 6500 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown on the implantfrom 3300 UAH
Ceramic crown on the implantfrom 6500 UAH
Implant Megagen (Korea)9300 UAH
Healing abutmentfrom 900 UAH
Crown abutmentfrom 1650 UAH
Single tooth extractionfrom 800 UAH
Complicated single tooth extractionfrom 1500 UAH
Impacted tooth extractionfrom 3800 UAH
Plasmotherapy (A-PRF) in case of removal, augmentation650 UAH
Bone grafting (augmentation)from 4600 UAH
Sinus-liftingfrom 7500 UAH
Gum plasticfrom 600 UAH
Initial examination and consultation300 UAH
Caries treatment650 UAH
Milk tooth root canal treatmentfrom 480 UAH
Extraction of a milk toothfrom 220 UAH
Professional teeth cleaning (constant bite)950 UAH
Professional teeth cleaning (temporary bite)800 UAH
Professional teeth cleaning (milk bite)600 UAH
Fissure sealing500 UAH
Deep fluoridation of teeth300 UAH

How do we start treatment? First you just need to sign up for a consultation.

After the first examination of the oral cavity, the profession-oriented specialists of the clinic will select the optimal treatment plan of your teeth and will definitely take into account all your wishes.

If necessary, our doctors will inspect complete physical examination, make photographic diagnosis and prepare a series of dental x-ray.

You can be sure that your smile is in good hands!

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