Our technology

For painless dental treatment, experts use innovative equipment. We offer comprehensive dental solutions using modern technologies. Ergonomically designed digital equipment contributes to comfortable, effective treatment of teeth and gums.

  • Work under a microscope with photo and video recording.

    Operative microscope provides clarity of dentist actions.  Inaccurate diagnosis due to insufficient visibility is excluded. The dental microscope minimizes the probability of damage of oral cavity healthy areas. Doctors stop diseases in the early stages of its development with the help of a device.

  • Intraoral 3D scanner CEREC OMNICAM DENTSPLY.

    Fast, error-free scanning of the oral cavity. It is used for creating digital images using sensors which are capable of capturing up to a million 3D points per second. The compactness and aesthetic appearance of the device saves patients from discomfort.

  • Radiovisiograph + X-ray.

    A safe device for collecting accurate information about the patient’s teeth health. The client receives the lowest possible radiation exposure. The radiovisiograph does not require processing of the obtained data in the laboratory. Computer processing takes several seconds and saves the doctor and patient time.

  • VECTOR ultrasound system for gums treatment.

    Device that generates ultrasonic vibrations for reliable painless treatment. The system prevents surgical intervention, accelerates recovery after treatment. The clinic’s specialists use the device to help the patient get rid of all symptoms of the disease and prevent tooth loss.

  • PRF system for gum treatment and dental surgery.

    Obtaining the components necessary for solving a dental problem from the patient’s blood. Specialists provide natural support for tissue repair by transferring blood to the damaged area. The system promotes healing and preservation of tissue, edema and infection risk reduction.

  • Professional cleaning with the Air Flow Prophylaxis Master device from the Swiss company EMS

    For professional teeth cleaning, our clinic uses an innovative device from the legendary Air Flow series – Prophylaxis Master from the Swiss company EMS

    The Airflow Prophylaxis Master simultaneously cleans and polishes all tooth surfaces. During tooth brushing, the patient feels as comfortable and painless as possible, even if he has sensitive teeth. At the same time, the procedure is absolutely safe for enamel and gums. The aerosol does not contain any aggressive substances and does not require anesthesia.

  • Treatment under sedation or sleep dentistry

    Treat your teeth while you sleep – now it’s possible! Sedation or “medicated sleep” involves painless dental treatment in your sleep. This type of treatment occurs without pain, fear or discomfort for the patient. Treatment under sedation is absolutely safe, because the anesthesiologist monitors the pulse, blood pressure, saturation, electrocardiogram.

    Sleep dentistry is right for you if:

    – You have a panic fear of any kind of dental intervention;
    – You have an increased gag reflex;
    – You want to avoid discomfort during treatment, extraction and implantation.

  • Computer anesthesia

    Modern, progressive technologies affect absolutely all spheres of human life and dental treatment is no exception. Along with traditional methods of anesthesia in dentistry, computer anesthesia is actively used. This is a modern method of local anesthesia. Now dental treatment becomes the most painless, safe and comfortable process, where it is convenient for both the patient and the doctor.

    What are the advantages of computer anesthesia?

    ✅ The most painless and precise place of anesthesia.
    ✅ Outside, the device only remotely resembles a syringe, so patients have no emotional discomfort during anesthesia.
    ✅ The patient experiences no pain or discomfort either during the treatment or after its completion.
    ✅ The doctor does not need to carry out several injections, because the device allows you to anesthetize several teeth at once.

  • BEYOND POLUS teeth whitening machine

    Hardware whitening with the Beyond polus system is recognized as the safest type of teeth whitening.

    This is the latest generation of light whitening with halogen lamps.

    Photobleaching does not affect the enamel of the teeth and the effect is achieved much faster.