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  • M.I. Pirogov National Medical University of Vinnytsia.


  • Dentist - therapist

Talan Dmitry

Dentist - therapist

Regularly he attends specialized courses and seminars on a modern approach to dentistry for professional development. He always tries to improve his skills on his own, because he believes that there is no limit for perfection.

Dmitry’s hobby is his work. It was with this approach that he managed to achieve a high level of technical skills in the dental industry. Also, the doctor is fond of cars and loves outdoor activities. His goal is professional development and achievement of the highest possible level in his specialization.

He believes that the success of the result always depends on teamwork.


  • complex dental treatment;

  • dental treatment under a microscope;

  • teeth restoration ;

  • root canal treatment;

  • teeth whitening;

  • provide the professional hygiene of oral cavity;


  • Яна

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    Сьогодні долікувала всі свої зуби. Я в захваті від цієї клініки!! Все на вищому рівні! Лікувати зуби ненавиділа і завжди був стрес після, але не цього разу. Інколи майже засинала під час лікування. Дуже вдячна лікарю Дмитро Івановичу. Рекомендую як професіонала 😌 Однозначно буду рекомендувати цю клініку своїм знайомим. Дякую!
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